Our Services

Roof Replacement & Repairs

Complete removal and installation of new roofing materials or fixing specific issues on an existing roof.

Eavestrough Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning

Complete removal and installation of new eavestrough materials or fixing specific issues with the existing eavestrough and accessories.

Soffit & Fascia

Installation and repair of soffit and fascia to ensure the eavestrough and edges are protected against weather and pests.


Installing or repairing the exterior material on the sides of a building for protection and aesthetic appeal.

Garage Door & Window Flashing

Installing or repairing metal or other materials around garage doors and windows to prevent water intrusion.

Chimney Removal

Safe demolition and removal of an existing chimney structure from a building.

Skylight Replacement

Removing and installing new skylights to improve lighting and energy efficiency.

Blown-In Insulation

Adding loose-fill insulation into attics, or other cavities for improved energy efficiency.

Rooftop Snow Removal

Safely removing accumulated snow from rooftops to prevent damage and maintain structural integrity.

Every Project is Treated Personally, Professonally and with Friendly Attention to Detail.

Trevor’s Roof Repairs can be reached at (416) 522-7486 and through Facebook & Instagram .